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Second Chances by Heide Katros

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, but the prospect of having to face yet another holiday alone is just too much for Sylvia Hewlitt. Why did Gordon have to die on Christmas Eve? She misses him terribly, but nothing can bring him back. Staring down at the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the vantage point of her penthouse suite, she decides that it is time to start life over, somewhere totally different from the sea and palm trees of Florida. Determined, she makes reservations at a lodge at Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, envisioning days of solitude and skiing down snowy slopes.

 In order to escape the usual family squabbles over where he should spend the Christmas holidays Detective Stephan Breslow opts for a snow skiing trip to North Carolina. He can do as he pleases, since no one knows him there—until he spies Sylvia Hewlitt across the street. Although she’s haunted his dreams since he met her almost a year ago, he doesn’t think she would recognize him. And even if she’d remember him it would not mattershe is way out of his league.

Stephan stays rooted to the spot until the rear lights of her Jeep fade into the distance. Distracted he gets into his own vehicle. As he drives along a narrow country road he spots fresh tire tracks that indicate that someone has slid into the ditch on the opposite side of the road.

He recognizes Sylvia’s Jeep. It’s his chance to be her hero, but can she ignore the circumstances under which they first met?

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Christmas Magic by Kate Hofman

Luca Alessandro Assante, Marchese di Montevarchi has come to the Italian Alps to spend the Christmas holidays. He is still unhappy that the lovely Crista Ballantyne broke their engagement over a silly misunderstanding. As he strolls through the hotel lobby on his way to take a walk, he overhears a woman begging the receptionist to find her a room.  The clerk explains that there are no rooms available.


When Crista Ballantyne's car stalls out, on her way to visit her aunt for the holidays, she is upset that there is no room available for the night.  Suddenly, she hears a familiar voice offering her a place to stay. Stunned, she turns around and gazes into the eyes of the man who betrayed her love.


Still, what choice does she have on a cold winter’s day, with a snow storm threatening?  Reluctantly, she accepts Luca’s offer.


 Luca sees the arrangement as an opportunity to prove his innocence to Crista--unaware that he might not get the chance, since someone is plotting to end his life.


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Lakota Christmas by Diane Davis White

Julianne Porter and her mother, who has a natural gift for healing, are alone in their cabin—their first Christmas since Julianne's father passed away.


Ethan Knows the Way has need of a healer, for the medicine man has died and his young nephew is suffering from a strange fever. Desperate, he seeks the woman they say can heal many things. Expecting resistance, he is surprised to find the two white women prepared to travel in the cold, icy weather in order to save the life of a child.


Taking Regina Porter and her lovely daughter, he begins a journey through deep snow and an on-coming storm, a journey that goes much further than a snowy night in the wilderness.


Ethan Knows the Way finds the pretty daughter of the healer attractive. Julianne is smitten from the moment she lays eyes on the young chieftain. They discover their blossoming attraction is mutual, and begin a courtship.


Regina, with an eye to the upcoming holiday, has included with her medications, many festive items, hoping these people of a different culture will agree to a Christmas celebration.


Will A Lakota Christmas become a Christmas wedding?

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October 19, 2011
HeartSent Books
$ 3.00
245 Pages
Christmas Romance Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups





Second Chances by Heide Katros

Sylvia Hewlitt is not looking forward to spending the Christmas Holiday alone. She has spent the past year being a widow now she feels it is time to begin a new life and books a skiing vacation in North Carolina.

Stephan Breslow is not in the mood to fight over where and which family members to spend the holiday with, he opts for a skiing vacation in North Carolina.

With a brief meeting between Sylvia and Steven one year ago, he had brought her the bad news of her husband’s death, neither expected to run into each other on vacation, but fate had different ideas for them.

I found this was a very unusual storyline, but liked the thought behind Stephan and Sylvia’s romance. It helps you wish at a chance for love for everyone.

Christmas Magic by Kate Hofman

Luca Alessandro Assante, Marchese di Montevarchi has decided to spend Christmas in the Italian Alps. He is still feeling wounded from his broken engagement to Crista.

Crista Ballantyne is on her way to spend the holidays with her Aunt and runs into a bad storm and her car is giving her trouble. But there seems to be no rooms available, that is until Luca offers her a place to stay.

Luca takes this chance encounter to hopefully convince Crista that they belong together that he is sorry, but it seems someone has also put his life in danger, which complicates things a bit more.

What a sweet story of love given a second chance and a bit of mystery thrown in. You cannot help but root for this couple to overcome their obstacles.

Lakota Christmas by Diane Davis White

Julianne Porter and her mother are spending a quiet Christmas at home, the first without her father. When a strange man comes knocking, looking for her mother who has a gift for healing, Julianne is skeptical at first, but finds herself intrigued by the Lakota man.

Ethan Knows the Way has come looking for the healing white woman, because his nephew is suffering from a strange fever and their medicine man has died.

Julianne and her mother accompany Ethan back to his home to treat the young boy. What they find are friendly faces who welcome them into their home and that two cultures can blend together when the sparks begin to sizzle between Ethan and Julia.

This was my favorite story so sweet and heartwarming, and two people from different cultures prove that love can conquer all boundaries and prejudice.

Each story is a good read on its own, but bringing the three stories from three talented authors offers you a wonderful assortment of romance and Christmas cheer. Each offers likeable characters with an engaging story behind them. A Great read for anytime of the year not just the Holidays.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More